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Nursing Developmental Teaching Plan Patricia Patterson

John Marsh
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Nursing Fundamentals (Nurs 100)

Developmental Teaching Plan Nursing 


One of the truly essential nursing responsibilities is to educate patients and their families on how to respond to their health care complications and how to encourage health. According to Miller & Stoeckel (2019, p. 4), “the overall purpose and goal of health education is to promote, retain, and restore health, which involves the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of clients’ mental and physical well-being.” This paper’s objective is to guide the reader throughout the patient education process from the nursing perspective.


Patricia Patterson, an 89-year-old patient, was recently diagnosed with Pneumonia and will require a Home Health nurse to provide daily IV antibiotics via her CVAD. She has a PICC in her right upper arm. She will need extensive teaching.


She is 5″ 4 and weighs 92lbs. She has been a Smoker and has a 30-packs year history and currently smokes 15 cigarettes per day. She has been diagnosed with COPD, Atrial fibrillation, Congestive heart failure (CHF), Hypertension (HTN), and Osteoporosis, Coronary artery disease (CAD), and had a Myocardial infarction five years ago and had a cardiac stent placed in the RCA. Her Ejection Fraction (EF) is 30%. She has fallen twice in the last two years but has not broken anything. She lives at home, in a two-bedroom apartment, on the second floor. Mrs.
Patterson lives with her daughter, who is in her 50’s and her granddaughter, who is in her 30’s.

Needs Assessment

Ms. Patterson is an older adult with completed 9th grade and a 5th-grade reading level; therefore, her ability to clearly understand information about treatment, how the information applies to her personally, to make choices and express herself has to be assessed (Miller & Stoeckel, 2019). She is very nervous about her diagnosis and wants to know why this happened and how she can prevent it. She is also worried about the “tubes” sticking out of her arm. She wants to get better and resume her normal lifestyle as quickly as possible. Before being discharged, she must be evaluated by the cardiologist, pulmonologist, ophthalmologist, nutritionist, and psychologist. The patient would have to be assessed by a physical therapist to recognize the strength and tolerance of the physical activity. A social worker has been consulted to obtain referrals for smoking cessation programs and as well as any other information. The
patient will also be sent home with home health that would administer IV antibiotics through the PICC placed in her right upper arm; the home nurse must reinforce all education provided during hospital admission.



Nursing Developmental Teaching Plan Patricia Patterson

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