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Nursing: Health Priorities A (NSG2HPA) HPA Subject

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HPA Student Subject Handbook

  • La Trobe University
  • Nursing: Health Priorities A (NSG2HPA)

There are a variety of assessment hurdles or conditions for passing a subject other than the overall mark.
Hurdle Requirements may be built into the assessment of the learning outcomes of your subject.
The Hurdle Requirement for this subject is: Medication Calculations Test which you must achieve 100%
If you are not able to complete an assessment task on the scheduled date due to exceptional
circumstances beyond your control, you may be eligible for Special Consideration.
If the assessment task is worth 15% or more of the total assessment for this subject and you have
experienced serious short term, adverse and unforeseen circumstances that substantially affect your
ability to complete an assessment task to the best of your potential, you can apply for Special
Consideration. To do this or find more information go to
For Special Consideration for assessment tasks worth less than 15% of your total mark, contact your
Subject Coordinator.
For Information about Special Consideration policy, go to Special Consideration Policy at
Penalties apply if you submit an assessment after the due date.
If the assessment task is worth 15% or more of the total assessment for this subject and you are not able
to submit it by the due date, you will need to request an extension of time to submit. To do this or find
more information go to
For extensions of time for assessment tasks worth less than 15% of your total mark, contact your subject
coordinator. Poor time management is not an acceptable reason for an extension.
For information about late submission policy, go to Assessment (Late Submission of Assessment Tasks)
Policy at
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“Academic integrity means being honest in academic work and taking responsibility for learning the
conventions of scholarship. Academic integrity education is integral to the learning experience at La Trobe
University. The University requires its academic staff and students to observe the highest ethical standards
in all aspects of academic work, and it demonstrates its commitment to these values by awarding due credit
for honestly conducted scholarly work, and by penalising academic misconduct and all forms of cheating”.
(La Trobe University Academic Integrity – Procedures and Responsibilities, 2015).
The penalty for submitting an assignment as your own but is the work of a third-party, may be as severe as
“exclusion from the University without readmission”. Refer to the Academic Integrity – Schedule of
Responses and Penalties for Academic Misconduct at

You should familiarise yourself with the Academic Integrity website and complete the Academic Integrity Module
(AIM) in your LMS.
If you have any questions regarding Academic Integrity, your Subject or Course Coordinator will be able to
Student feedback contributes to enhancing the student experience and to improving the quality of learning
and teaching at the University. The University piloted two new survey instruments in 2019 which will be
rolled out for all 2020 subjects. The new student feedback instruments include:
1. Early Feedback on Learning – You will receive this survey early in your course. The purpose of this
survey is for you to highlight what works well or does not while there is still time to make changes in the
semester. Teaching staff will review your feedback and introduce changes where appropriate to further
improve this subject and enhance your learning.
2. Subject Quality Survey – This survey allows you to provide feedback prior to the end of the teaching
period about this subject and the teaching of this subject. It combines the previously separate Student
Feedback on Subjects (SFS) and Student Feedback on Teaching (SFT) surveys. The Subject Quality
Survey (SQS) is one of the quality assurance processes that occur across the University. While the
survey is anonymous, we do expect that you use respectful language and provide constructive
feedback. Your views are taken seriously and assist us to improve the learning experience for future
students. Feedback from previous students who completed this subject, as well as the action taken by
the subject coordinator in response to the feedback is available in the LMS site for this subject.
The new survey instruments are shorter than previous surveys and have been designed in conjunction with
both staff and students.
As a La Trobe coursework student, you have a number of rights and responsibilities. La Trobe statutes
and regulations, as well as policies and procedures govern your rights and responsibilities. LaTrobe
University aspires to provide an outstanding student experience conducive to scholarly activity and
supportive of your learning goals.
The Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities is a brief summary of your rights and responsibilities
as a student at La Trobe. The Charter was developed in consultation with La Trobe students. A copy of
the Student Rights and Responsibilities can be found at
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The Student Complaints Management System (SCM) is a formal mechanism for students to lodge
concerns about any aspect of their University experience. A student complaint may be about any aspect of
University life, such as an administrative matter, a problem with a subject or course, or the conduct of a
student or staff member.
For more information about the Student Complaint process and how to lodge a complaint, visit the
Complaints and Feedback page at:
A range of services at La Trobe can assist you with your studies, health and wellbeing.
For the full range of services and facilities available for you, go to Student Help and Support at
Your Library offers many ways to support your study. To discover more about how the Library can help,
visit your Library website and explore the following essential resources:
 Achieve@Uni

Learn skills to help complete your assessments
 Assessment Planner
Create a personal assessment schedule
 Expert Help Guides
 Referencing at La Trobe University

 Chat to library staff
www.latrobe.edu.au/library – Access the text chat service from the Library website
 Contact us
www.latrobe.edu.au/library/about/contact – Call or email your Library
ASK La Trobe is a service open to all La Trobe students who need guidance with administrative matters
during their time at La Trobe.
ASK La Trobe can provide you with help relating to enrolments and timetabling, fees and financial
support, exams, results and graduations & student life and support services.
Go to ASK La Trobe – Current Students at
looking at our FAQs, or visit us at your campus ASK La Trobe Help Zone.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for:
 Ask a question online at
 Visit the ASK La Trobe Help Zone. Join the queue for the Bundoora, Bendigo or city campuses using
the QLess: Virtual Queuing system.
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There are many resources, including services, to help you with your academic studies at La Trobe. Go to
the Learning and Support Programs page at
learning for further information.
Your health and wellbeing are an important part of being a successful student. Studying can be stressful
and many factors can affect your mental and physical health, in and outside of the University.
Check out the services available to you at La Trobe to support your health and wellbeing at



Nursing: Health Priorities A (NSG2HPA) HPA Subject

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