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Nursing & Healthcare Vii Complex Illness (NURS 480) Exam Autumn 2019

John Marsh
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Towson University

Nursing & Healthcare Vii: Adult Health And Complex Illness (NURS 480)

Exam Autumn 2019, questions and answers

GI NCLEX questions
1. Which condition is NOT a known cause of cirrhosis? Obesity, ETOH, blockage, Hep C
2. The liver receives it blood supply from two sources. One of these sources is called the
hepatic portal vein which is a vessel network that delivers blood high in nutrients but low in
3. A patient with late-stage cirrhosis develops portal hypertension. Which of the following
options below are complications that can develop from this condition? Select all that apply:
Ascites, Splenomegaly, Esophageal varices
4. Your patient with cirrhosis has severe splenomegaly. As the nurse you will make it priority to
monitor the patient for signs and symptoms of? Select all that apply: Thrombocytopenia,
Increased PT/INR, and leukopenia
5. A patient is admitted with hepatic encephalopathy secondary to cirrhosis. Which meal option
selection below should be avoided with this patient? Beef tips and broccoli rabes (pt needs to
have low protein)
6. During your morning assessment of a patient with cirrhosis, you note the patient is
disoriented to person and place. In addition while assessing the upper extremities, the
patient’s hands demonstrate a flapping motion. What lab result would explain these abnormal
assessment findings? Increased Ammonia



Nursing & Healthcare Vii Complex Illness (NURS 480) Exam Autumn 2019

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