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Nursing In The Community Lab (NURS 4024) Exam One

Sandra Watson
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Exam 1 – exam one: public health and law


Houston Baptist University


Nursing The Community/ Nursing In The Community Lab (NURS 4024)

Historical Context of Public Health:
Key Historical PH Nurse leaders (Wald, Brewster, Nightingale, Breckenridge, Dixon)
 Lillian Wald
 First public health nurse in the United States
 Visited the poor and established a nurses settlement that became the Henry Street Settlement
and later the visiting nurse service of NYC
 Worked to develop programs to solve the health care and social problems
 Believed poor people should have access to healthcare
 Used epidemiological methods to campaign for health promoting social policies to improve
environmental and social conditions that affected health
 Led the development of payment by life insurance companies for nursing services
 Accomplishments
– Provided home nursing care on a fee of service basis
– Establishing can effective cost accounting system for visiting nurses
– Reducing mortality rates from infectious diseases
 Florence Nightingale
 Founded profession of nursing
 Studied nursing “System and method”
 Systems of district nursing led to promoting nursing care for the sick in their homes
 Mary Breckinridge
 Established the frontier nursing service, based on systems of care in Scotland
 Influenced the development of public health programs to improve the health care for the rural
and often inaccessible populations
 Introduced the first nurse midwives into the US
 Led to reduced pregnancy complications and maternal mortality and 1/3 fewer stillbirths and
infant deaths
 Key Historical Public Health Legislation
 Social Security Act of 1935
 Designed to prevent reoccurrence of the problems of the Depression
 Title VI of this act provided funding for expanded opportunities for health protection
and promotion through education and employment of public health nurses
 Title VI also provided $8 million to assist states and $2 million for research and
 Bolton Act of 1943
 Established Cadet Nurses Corps
 Supported increased undergraduate and graduate enrollment in schools of nursing
 Fundi ng. became more available to educate nurses by providing financial support for
them to go to school, with many focusing on public health
 Sheppard-Towner Act of 1921
 Focused on maternal and infant health
 Provided federal matching funds toc establish maternal and child health divisions in
state health departments
 Education during home visits by public health nurses emphasized promoting the health
of the mother and child and encouraged mothers to seek prompt medical care during
 Industrial Revolution and Public health nursing
 In the 19th century Europe led to social changes whole making great advances on technology,
transportation, and communication



Nursing In The Community Lab (NURS 4024) Exam One

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