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Nursing Interventions (NURS 2320) Case Study 1

John Marsh
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Utah Valley University

Nursing Interventions (NURS 2320)

Case Study 1

Case Study
How would you respond in each of the following situations? If you can, please relate to
situations you have witnessed/experienced in your clinical/work experiences.
Question 1
You were out with friends until very late last night and had to report for work this
morning at 7 a.m. You know that your coworkers won’t arrive for another half
hour. You’ve got just enough time for a quick run to the corner coffee shop
before your coworkers arrive.
When I got this case study question, I thought about a co-worker. I want to share my
experience. There is a nurse, who is very kind and made people easily her friends and
she is a charge nurse on my units. There is a coffee shop at physician plaza. The
nurse always leads some colleagues and goes there during work. Although it is close, it



Nursing Interventions (NURS 2320) Case Study 1

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