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Nursing (NUR 131) Chapter 08 - Fundamentals Of Nursing 9th Edition - Test Bank

John Marsh
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Rowan College of South Jersey

Nursing I (NUR 131)

Chapter 08 – Fundamentals of Nursing 9th edition – test bank

Chapter 08: Caring for the Cancer Survivor
Chapter 08: Caring for the Cancer Survivor
Potter et al.: Fundamentals of Nursing, 9th Edition
1. A nurse is working on a cancer unit. The unit uses the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
definition for a cancer survivor. Which definition will the nurse use?
a. Been cancer free for 5 years after diagnosis
b. Been cancer free for 3 years after diagnosis
c. Had cancer and is declared cancer free
d. Had cancer and extends until death

2. A nurse is providing follow-up care for cancer survivors. Which condition should the
nurse most monitor for in these patients?
a. Cancer
b. Infection
c. Weight gain
d. Low blood pressure

3. A nurse is assessing a cancer survivor for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neurotoxicity (CPIN).
Which assessment finding is consistent with CPIN?
a. Hearing loss
b. Devastating depression
c. Extreme loss of motor functioning
d. Numbness and tingling in hands and feet

4. A cancer survivor is in the intensive care unit (ICU). Some of the patient’s family is from out of
town and would like to see the patient even though it is not “official” visiting hours. The patient is
anxious to see family members. The nurse allows the family to visit. What is the rationale for the
nurse’s actions?
a. The nurse disagrees with the established time for visiting.
b. The nurse realizes that the patient is dying.
c. The nurse feels there is no real reason to have limited visiting hours.
d. The nurse believes that the visit will help relieve psychological stress.

5. A nurse is taking a history on a patient with cancer. Which assessment is priority?
a. Fatigue
b. Vision
c. Dehydration
d. Blood pressure



Nursing (NUR 131) Chapter 08 - Fundamentals Of Nursing 9th Edition - Test Bank

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