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Nursing (NURS110) NURS 180 Syllabus - Wefwef

John Marsh
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West Coast University

nursing (110)

NURS 180 syllabus – wefwef

NURS 180 Pharmacology 202011FAII VR-5 > Syllabus | Concourse
The Course Outline below serves as a course roadmap, displaying the topics and activities intended to be covered each week. This schedule is
subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.
Objectives reflect the teaching activities that, if engaged in, are intended to lead to specific, measurable student learning outcomes.
Course Activities and Assignments outline the teaching strategies used and the assessment requirements that students are to fulfill
throughout the duration of the course.
*Refer to the assignment rubrics in your course for specific grading criteria, if applicable. Rubrics can be found in the My Grades section
and/or in your assignment dropbox.



Nursing (NURS110) NURS 180 Syllabus - Wefwef

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