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Nursing (NURS110) Process Wk 2 - Efw

John Marsh
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West Coast University

nursing (110)

Nursing Process Wk 2 – efw

Each clinical day each student will develop a nursing process outline for one patient of their choice. These are
quick writes and should be done throughout the shift and not taken home. These will be discussed in post
conferences with the faculty. The outline will be as follows:
Assessment (Based on systems: cardio, resp, GI/GU, mobility, Neuro, Safety, skin, pain, psychosocial)
Obj:_Temp 100.8, HR 99, BP 135/96, RR 20, PaO2 96%, elevated WBC, skin: unusal black leasion on thigh,
fungal mouth infection, facial grimacing______________________________________________________



Nursing (NURS110) Process Wk 2 - Efw

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