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Nursing Pharmacology (NUR ) Pharm Study Guide 1

John Marsh
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University of West Florida

Nursing Pharmacology (NUR )

Pharmacology and the Nursing Process

Pharm study guide 1

Pharmacology study guide #1
Chapter 1
Key Terms
Compliance- implementation or fulfillment of prescriber/caregivers prescribed course of
treatment or therapeutic plan by patient. the use of compliance vs adherence acknowledges the
consideration/acceptance of patient/family/caregiver participation in the use of the nursing
Medication error- Any preventable adverse drug event involving inappropriate medication use
by a patient or healthcare professional; it may or may not cause the patient harm
Non-compliance- an informed decision on the part of the patient not to adhere to or follow a
therapeutic plan or suggestion
Nursing Process- an organizational framework for the practice of nursing. It encompasses all
steps taken by the nurse in caring for the patient: assessment, identification of human needs,
planning (with goals and outcome criteria), implementation of the plan (with patient
teaching), and evaluation.
Outcomes- description of specific patient behaviors or responses that demonstrate meeting of or
achievement of behaviors related to each patient’s human needs. These statements are specific
while frames in behavioral terms and are measurable
Prescriber- any health care professional licensed by the appropriate regulatory board to
prescribe medicine
Nursing Care Plans
 Objective data
 Subjective data
Human Needs Statement- “Altered safety needs, risk for injury, related to medication
induced sedation as evidence by decreased sensorium, dizziness, and confusion”
 Part 1- “Altered safety, risk injury” is the statement of human response of the patient to
illness, injury, medications, or significant change. It can be an actual response, an
increased risk, or an opportunity to improve the patient’s health status.
 Part 2- “Related to” this identifies factors related to the response. It does not claim
cause-and-effect link between these factors and the response, only that there is a
 Part 3- “As evidence by” list cues, evidence, and/or data that support the nurse’s claim
that the human needs statement is accurate



Nursing Pharmacology (NUR ) Pharm Study Guide 1

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