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Nursing Practice I (NSE 12A-B) Sample-Practice Exam 2015

John Marsh
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Ryerson University

Nursing Practice I (NSE 12A/B)

Sample/practice exam 2015, questions and answers

NSE12 Final Examination Sample Questions
1. You are assessing Mr. Garen’s stool and find that it has a whitish, clay colour. Which of the
following is likely to be the reason for the colour?
a. There is an absence of bile pigment
b. There is a malabsorption of fat
c. There is a presence of hemorrhoids
d. Mr. G’s stool is normal
2. Annie suddenly laughed really hard while joking with a friend that caused a little bit of urine to
leak out of her bladder. What is this known as?
a. Reflex Incontinence
b. Stress Incontinence
c. Transient Incontinence
d. Total Incontinence
3. Which of the following is a valid reason to use restraints with clients?
a. To control disruptive behaviour
b. When a client is refusing medication
c. When a client’s family members request it
d. None of the above
4. What defines client abuse?
a. It is a misuse of power by health care professionals
b. It is the betrayal of trust, respect, or intimacy in the therapeutic relationship
c. It disrespects the client emotionally, verbally, physically, sexually, neglect, and/or financially
d. All of the above
5. Sona is an RN who is having financial issues. She gets along well with Mrs. LeBlanc, a client who is
hospitalized at where she is working. Mrs. LeBlanc offers to lend her some money and Sona accepts
it. Is this a form of abuse?
a. No, because it was offered by the client
b. No, because there was no form of physical harm involved
c. Yes, because it is financial abuse even though it is not intentional
d. Yes, because it was not reported to the hospital
6. Which of the following is not a classification of restraints?
a. Physical



Nursing Practice I (NSE 12A-B) Sample-Practice Exam 2015

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