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Nursing Practice (NURS 503) Acrosomal Reaction

Sandra Watson
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Auckland University of Technology


Introduction to Nursing Practice (NURS 503)

Human Anatomy & Physiology: Lecture 3
Female reproductive system:
Learning Outcomes:
1. Describe ovarian and uterine cycle.
2. Describe the process of fertilization and implantation.
3. Explain the function of major hormones in pregnancy.
Many of the magic aspects of physiology are associated with reproduction, from before
conception, through fetal development and maternal responses to growing fetus, to
signaling and progression of labour, continued development of the neonate optimized by
maternal behavior and lactation and the mother subsequent return to fertility.
 Gametes are formed via the process of meiosis – ONLY occurs in the ovaries and
 The aim of meiosis is to produce gametes
 Produce the half number of chromosomes in those cells – as when the fertilisation
(when the gametes meet together, will cause to have a set of 46 chromosomes)
 Meiosis occurs in two rounds – meiosis I and meiosis II
 Parents pass on a copy of themselves in the form of genetic material to another



 Nursing Practice (NURS 503) Acrosomal Reaction

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