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Nursing Research (NUR 411) Exam chapter 6 Spring 2017 Questions And Answers

John Marsh
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Tarleton State University

Nursing Research (NUR 411)

Exam chapter 6 Spring 2017, questions and answers

Chapter 06: Understanding and Critically Appraising the Literature Review
Grove: Understanding Nursing Research, 6th Edition
1. One reason for conducting a review of the literature other than for purposes of developing a
research study is to:
a. determine the expertise of researchers in the field of study.
b. identify current theoretical frameworks.
c. implement evidence-based practice guidelines.
d. work in a Magnet-certified hospital setting.

2. What is the purpose of a limited research review?
a. To allow the reader to become familiar with the research problem
b. To develop an initial pilot study prior to a more in-depth study
c. To direct the planning and execution of a study
d. To identify studies published after a study is performed

3. A reviewer reading a proposal for a qualitative research study notes that the author has not
included a literature review. The reviewer understands that a literature review may have been
omitted in this case because:
a. it is not necessary to conduct a literature review for qualitative research.
b. qualitative research is conducted to study areas where there is no previous
c. some researchers feel that previous studies may bias data collection in qualitative
d. the researcher was not adequately prepared to conduct this research study.

4. Which type of study is least likely to include a review of the literature prior to initiating the
a. Grounded theory
b. Phenomenological
c. Qualitative
d. Quantitative

5. What is the main purpose of a literature review in grounded theory research?
a. To explain, extend, and support the framework used for the study
b. To identify gaps in current knowledge about the research topic
c. To place research findings in context of what is already known.
d. To support the need to study the selected research topic



Nursing Research (NUR 411) Exam chapter 6 Spring 2017 Questions And Answers

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