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Nursing Skills Faye Glenn Abdellah

John Marsh
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Nursing skills

Faye Glenn Abdellah

Faye Glenn Abdellah’s Theory
Twenty-One Nursing Problems
● “Nursing is based on an art and science that
mould the attitudes, intellectual competencies,
and technical skills of the individual nurse into
the desire and ability to help people , sick or
well, cope with their health needs.” – Abdellah
Abdellah explained nursing as a comprehensive
service, which includes:
1. Recognizing the nursing problems of the
2. Deciding the appropriate course of action to
take in terms of relevant nursing principles
3. Providing continuous care of the individuals
total needs
4. Providing continuous care to relieve pain and
discomfort and provide immediate security for
the individual
5. Adjusting the total nursing care plan to meet
the patient’s individual needs
6. Helping the individual to become more self
directing in attaining or maintaining a healthy
state of mind & body
7. Instructing nursing personnel and family to
help the individual do for himself that which he
can within his limitations
8. Helping the individual to adjust to his
limitations and emotional problems
9. Working with allied health professions in
planning for optimum health on local, state,
national and international levels
10. Carrying out continuous evaluation and
research to improve nursing techniques and to
develop new techniques to meet the health
needs of people
In 1973, the item 3, providing continuous care of the
individual’s total health needs” was eliminated.
● Birth:1919
● Died:2017
● Abdellah’s patient – centred approach to
nursing was developed inductively from her
practice and is considered a human needs
● The theory was created to assist with nursing
education and is most applicable to the
education of nurses.
● Although it was intended to guide care of
those in the hospital, it also has relevance for
nursing care in community settings.




Nursing Skills Faye Glenn Abdellah

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