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Object-Oriented Programming II With Java (CIS 4110)

Sandra Watson
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ATM – Java programming code for an ATM machine-money dispenser java


Baruch College CUNY


Object-Oriented Programming II With Java (CIS 4110)

// ATM.java
// Represents an automated teller machine
public class ATM
private boolean userAuthenticated; // whether user is authenticated
private int currentAccountNumber; // current user’s account number
private Screen screen; // ATM’s screen
private Keypad keypad; // ATM’s keypad
private CashDispenser cashDispenser; // ATM’s cash dispenser
private DepositSlot depositSlot; // ATM’s deposit slot
private BankDatabase bankDatabase; // account information database
// constants corresponding to main menu options
private static final int BALANCE_INQUIRY = 1;
private static final int WITHDRAWAL = 2;
private static final int DEPOSIT = 3;
private static final int EXIT = 4;



Object-Oriented Programming II With Java (CIS 4110)

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