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lab 1 labflow Organic Chemistry I (CHEM2323)

John Marsh
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The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Course: CHEM 2123-84L
Laboratory 1
Separation by Distillation
The objective of this experiment is to understand the concepts and types of distillation and to separate miscible liquid organic compounds by boiling point. IntroductionDistillation uses different boiling points of liquids in a mixture to separate components. Many organic compounds are volatile, meaning they have high vapor pressure and low boiling points. Distillation uses this volatility by boiling the liquid mixture and condensing the vapor produced. In order for the distillation to work the liquids in the mixture have to have different boiling points, therefore one component is going to be collected first, then the other component will be distilled once it reached its boiling point. Procedure The first step towards the compilation of this lab is to place 3mL of cyclohexane and toluene mixture in a round bottom flask with a boiling chip.
Next, the student assembled the distillation apparatus and placed the thermometer aligned at or slightly below the Y in the distillation head. Then, the student turned on the hot plate to heat up the solution and monitored the temperature and the boiling of the solution throughout the distillation process. Once the solution starts boiling the students paid close attention to the first drops, once that happens the students recorded the temperature of the distillation.
As the students paid attention to the thermometer, they noticed that the temperature reached 95 C and changed tubes because they’re now collecting another component. Then the student measured the volume of each of the components collected from the distillation.ResultsThe volume of the solution in mL 3.62Vapor temperature when distillation of cyclohexane started (°C) 80.51Vapor temperature when distillation of cyclohexane finished (°C) 83.12The volume of cyclohexane collected in mL 1.83Vapor temperature when distillation of toluene started (°C) 111.70Vapor temperature when distillation of toluene finished (°C) 112.86The volume of toluene collected in mL 1.79

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