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Operations Management (OPER 2P91) Cheat sheet For Final Exam

Sandra Watson
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Operations Management Cheatsheet (OPER 2P91)

OPER and productivity
-Set of activities create value in the form of g/s by transforming inputs into outputs
-Essential org function
-10 crit. Decisions: design of g/s, managing quality; process & capacity design; location strategy; layout
strategy; HR & job design; supply-chain mgmt; inventory, MRP, JIT; intermediate & short-term
scheduling; maintenance -Goods – tangible, consistent product def., production separate from consumption, can be inventoried, low customer interaction -Services – intangible, produced & consumed @ same time, unique, high customer interaction, inconsistent product def, knowledge-based, frequently dispersed -Services make up more GDP
-Challenges – global, JIT, supply-chain part, rapid product level, mass custom, empower
-Productivity =: outputs/inputs (want to max) – reduce inputs keep output, increase output keep input
-1 input – single-factor productivity Multiple inputs – multi-factor productiv. ($) Global environment
-Reasons to globalize – reduce costs, improve supply chain, provide better g/s, understand markets, learn to
improve oper, attract & retain global talent
-Mission: tells org where going (philosophy & values, profitability & growth, public image, environment,




Operations Management (OPER 2P91) Cheat sheet For Final Exam

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