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Organic Chem Lab II (CHEM 2325) Nitration Of Toluene Lab Report

Sandra Watson
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University of Utah

Organic Chem Lab II (CHEM 2325)

Lab Report #2
February 6, 2018
Nitration of Toluene
The main objective in this experiment was to synthesize nitrotoluene from benzene,
sulfuric acid, and nitric acid. After synthesis, one must use GC analysis to determine the degree
of substitution of the compound.
In the synthesis of nitrotoluene, three different types of substitution are possible for the
final molecule; ortho/para, and meta. It is also possible that the final product may be substituted,
which will appear as a different peak in a GC analysis spectrum. Also, because of reaction
conditions, all of the toluene may not react, which will also show in the GC analysis. According
to acquired data, the major substituted products were the result of ortho/para substitution.
Averages for the entire laboratory can be found below. Results were varied by temperature and
reaction time, as indicated. The specific results of the personally collected data are accompanied
with the laboratory averages. A sample calculation follows the data.



Organic Chem Lab II (CHEM 2325) Nitration Of Toluene Lab Report

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