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(CHM 2120) Organic Chemistry II Assignment 7 Answers

Sandra Watson
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draw the two starting materials needed to make the following imine. 

  • UniversityOttawa University
  • CourseOrganic Chemistry II (CHM 2120)

Assignment 7 – Carbonyls
1) Determine the starting materials needed for the formation of the following acetals.

e) saccharose (table sugar) (2 acetals present)
Hint: do the mechanism of the hydrolysis to find your starting materials.

2) Determine the product of the following reactions. Draw the mechanism of its formation (except
reaction e).

3 a) Determine the product formed when the following products are reacted with m-CPBA. Be
careful about chirality. It is conserved during the reaction.

4) How would you synthesize the following molecules using a Wittig reaction? Provide the best
carbonyl and ylid for the reaction.

5) Determine the conditions needed for the following reactions. Don’t forget protecting groups
where needed!

6) Determine the products formed when phenylacetaldehyde (molecule responsible for the
fragrance of the plumeria tree flowers) is reacted with the following reagents



Organic Chemistry II (CHM 2120) Assignment 7 Answers

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