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Pathophysilogy (NUR 3032) Brunner And Suddarth’s

John Marsh
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Test Bank for Brunner and Suddarth’s Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing 13th Edition

Nova Southeastern University

Foundations O Pathophysilogy (NUR 3032)

Chapter 2
Brunner & Suddarth’s Textbook of Medical-Surgical
Nursing 13th Edition
A community health nurse has scheduled a hypertension clinic in a local shopping mall
in which shoppers have the opportunity to have their blood pressure measured and learn
about hypertension. This nursing activity would be an example of which type of
prevention activity?
A) Tertiary prevention
B) Secondary prevention
C) Primary prevention
D) Disease prevention

The nursing instructor is preparing a group of students for their home care rotation. In
preparation, the group discusses the patients that they are most likely to care for in the
home. Which of the following groups are the most common recipients of home care
A) Mentally ill patients
B) Patients receiving rehabilitation after surgery
C) Terminally ill and palliative patients
D) Elderly patients

3. A recent nursing graduate has been surprised at the sharp contrast between some
patients’ lifestyles in their homes and the nurse’s own practices and beliefs. To work
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therapeutically with the patient, what must the nurse do?
A) Request another assignment if there is dissonance with the patient’s lifestyle.
B) Ask the patient to come to the agency to receive treatment, if possible.
C) Resolve to convey respect for the patient’s beliefs and choices.
D) Try to adapt the patient’s home to the norms of a hospital environment.

Infection control is a high priority in every setting where nursing care is provided. When
performing a home visit, how should the nurse best implement the principles of infection
A) Perform hand hygiene before and after giving direct patient care.
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B) Remove the patient’s wound dressings from the home promptly.
C) Disinfect the patient’s syringes prior to disposal.
D) Establish a sterile field in the patient’s home before providing care.

An adult patient is ready to be discharged from the hospital after undergoing a
transmetatarsal amputation. When should your patient’s discharge planning begin?
A) The day prior to discharge
B) The day of estimated discharge
C) The day that the patient is admitted
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D) Once the nursing care plan has been finalized



Pathophysilogy (NUR 3032) Brunner And Suddarth’s

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