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Pathophysiology Practice (NUR 3125 ) Quiz 3 Spring 2018

John Marsh
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Quiz 3 Spring 2018, questions and answers

University of Central Florida

Pathophysiology for Nursing Practice (NUR 3125 )

Question 1 10 / 10 pts
A 27yearold
male has a severe kidney obstruction leading to removal of the
affected kidney. Which of the following would the nurse expect to occur?
Renal failure
Dysplasia in the remaining kidney
Compensatory hypertrophy of the remaining kidney
Atrophy of the remaining kidney

Question 2 10 / 10 pts
A 60yearold
male is diagnosed with renal failure. While the nurse is reviewing
lab results, which of the following lab values would be most consistent with this
Metabolic alkalosis
Elevated plasma creatinine level
Decreased plasma potassium level
Increased urea clearance

Question 3 10 / 10 pts
A 35yearold
female was severely burned and is hospitalized. She is now
suffering from acute tubular necrosis (ATN). Which of the following is the most
likely diagnosis the nurse will observe on the chart?

Question 4 10 / 10 pts
A 25yearold
male was diagnosed with Goodpasture syndrome. While planning
care for this patient, which of the following mechanisms would cause tissue

Viral infection of the Bowman capsule
Abnormal activation of clotting factors and microclotting in the glomerulus
Production of antibodies against the glomerular basement membrane
complex deposition with complement activation

Question 5 10 / 10 pts
A 19yearold
female was involved in a motor vehicle accident during which she
sustained a closed head injury. She is now experiencing detrusor sphincter
dyssynergia. Which of the following is the most beneficial medication treatment?
Alpha blocker
Beta blocker



Pathophysiology Practice (NUR 3125 ) Quiz 3 Spring 2018

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