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Charlie Snow vSim Documentation Maternity and Pediatric

John Marsh
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Charlie Snow vSim Steps Care Plan Documentation

Pediatric Case 5: Charlie Snow Documentation Assignments 1. Document your initial focused assessment of Charlie Snow. 2. Identify and document key nursing diagnoses for Charlie Snow. 3. Referring to your feedback log, document the nursing care you provided and Charlie Snow’s response. 4. Document the patient teaching that you would provide before discharge. Opening Questions 1. How did the simulated experience of Charlie Snow’s case make you feel? 2. Discuss the actions you felt went well in this scenario. Scenario Analysis Questions EBP List in order of priority your initial nursing actions identified for Charlie Snow based on physical findings and family interaction. EBP What complications might Charlie Snow face if symptoms are not recognized and treated in a timely manner? EBP Why was a glucocorticosteroid administered in this case? Would it have been appropriate to administer albuterol in this case? Why or why not? PCC What communication techniques could be initiated to decrease the anxiety of Charlie Snow’s aunt? S/QI Reflect on ways to improve safety and quality of care based on your experience with Charlie Snow’s case. S/I Because Charlie Snow is accompanied by his aunt and not by a parent, what legal matter must be considered before performing treatment? T&C What role do you feel Charlie Snow’s guardians and parents have as members of his health care team? 


  Pediatric Nursing Charlie Snow Documentation

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