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Pharmacology (NURS 336 ) Exam 1 Study Guide

John Marsh
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Northern Illinois University

Pharmacology (NURS 336

N336 Pham – Exam 1 Study Guide

NURS 336 – Exam 1 Study Guide
Chapter 1 Introduction to Drugs
Key terms
 Orphan Drugs – drugs that only treat a small number of people. Drug companies may
do further research on them
 Pharmacology – study of biological effects of chemicals
 Pharmacotherapeutics – used in medicine for tx, prevention, and diagnosis of diseases
in humans
 Phase I study – volunteers to experiment on – usually healthy
 Phase II study – using drug on actual patients who have disorder
 Phase III study – using drug on larger people who have disorder
 Phase IV study – continuous evaluations of drug after it’s released
 Preclinical trials – uses lab animals, not humans to test drug
Drug evaluation
 FDA needs to approve drug before it’s distributed
Pregnancy categories (even though they will be replaced in 2018)
 No drugs should be used during pregnancies
Controlled substances – classification
 Schedule I (class I) – high abuse potential and no accepted medical use (heroin,
marijuana, LSD)
 Schedule II (class-II) – high abuse potential with severe dependency (narcotics,
amphetamines, and barbiturates)
 Schedule III (class-III) – less abuse potential than schedule II drugs and moderate
dependency (non-barbiturate sedatives, non-amphetamines, stimulants)
 Schedule IV (class-IV) – less abuse potential than III and limited dependence (some
sedatives, antianxiety, nonnarcotic analgesics)
 Schedule V (class-V) – limited abuse potential. Small amounts of narcotics (codeine)



Pharmacology (NURS 336 ) Exam 1 Study Guide

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