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Pharmacology Principles (NURS 3342 ) Pharm Sherpath Homework

John Marsh
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Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Use of Pharmacology Principles (NURS 3342 )

Pharm Sherpath Homework

Pharm Quizzes
Cholinergic Drugs
First set
1. What are the two types of cholinergic receptors?
a. Nicotinic receptors, Muscarinic receptors
2. Which drugs affect the parasympathetic nervous system?
a. Parasympatholytics, cholinergic agonist
3. Bethanechol binds with which receptors to cause activation?
a. Cholinergic
Second set
1. What are some of the contraindications for atropine?
a. Tachycardia, paralytic ileus, narrow angle glaucoma, benign prostatic
2. Which medication is used as an antidote for cholinergic overdose?
a. Atropine sulfate
3. Which intervention should be added to Mr. Graves plan of care?
a. Assess for rhonchi and wheezes
4. Which instruction should be added to Mr. Graves patient education plan?
a. Sit up slowly from a lying position to avoid dizziness
5. The nurse is administering bethanechol and teaches the patient about manifestations of
muscarinic excess. Which symptoms are the manifestations that the patient should report?
a. Salivation, bradycardia, hypotension, urinary urgency
6. After administering atropine what should the nurse teach the patient?
a. Maintain good oral hygiene, chew gum or suck on hard candy, drink adequate
amounts of fluids
1. Which action occurs in a patient receiving atropine?
a. Increased heart rate
2. What is the onset of action for bethanechol?
a. 30-90 minutes
3. Which response is expected from the administration of a cholinergic agonist?
a. Constricts pupils, stimulates GI tone, stimulates urination, increases
neuromuscular transmission
4. What is the primary clinical indication for atropine?
a. Symptomatic bradycardia
5. The nurse needs to be aware that a cholinergic agonist can aggravate which medical
a. Asthma, peptic ulcer, urinary obstruction
6. The nurse receives an order from the health care provider to administer bethanechol IV.
What should the nurse do next?
a. Call the health care provider to get the order changed to PO form.
The medication only comes in PO form.
7. When administering atropine preoperatively to prevent aspiration of respiratory secretions, the
nurse will give the drug __ – __ minutes prior to anesthesia?



Pharmacology Principles (NURS 3342 ) Pharm Sherpath Homework

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