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PHYS 111N- HW9- Oscillations And Waves-Fluids

Sandra Watson
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Old Dominion University

Introduction to Physics (PHYS 111N)

which of the following statements correctly describes the system shown in the figure?

HW9: Oscillations and Waves; Fluids
Due: 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 24, 2018
You will receive no credit for items you complete after the assignment is due. Grading Policy
± Introduction to Simple Harmonic Motion
Consider the system shown in the figure. It consists of a block of
mass attached to a spring of negligible mass and force constant
. The block is free to move on a frictionless horizontal surface,
while the left end of the spring is held fixed. When the spring is
neither compressed nor stretched, the block is in equilibrium. If the
spring is stretched, the block is displaced to the right and when it is
released, a force acts on it to pull it back toward equilibrium. By the
time the block has returned to the equilibrium position, it has
picked up some kinetic energy, so it overshoots, stopping
somewhere on the other side, where it is again pulled back toward
equilibrium. As a result, the block moves back and forth from one
side of the equilibrium position to the other, undergoing
oscillations. Since we are ignoring friction (a good approximation to
many cases), the mechanical energy of the system is conserved
and the oscillations repeat themselves over and over.
The motion that we have just described is typical of most systems when they are displaced from equilibrium and experience
a restoring force that tends to bring them back to their equilibrium position. The resulting oscillations take the name of
periodic motion. An important example of periodic motion is simple harmonic motion (SHM) and we will use the mass-spring
system described here to introduce some of its properties.
Part A
Which of the following statements best describes the characteristic of the restoring force in the spring-mass system
described in the introduction?
Hint 1. Find which force is the restoring force
Which of the following forces plays the role of the restoring force?
Hint 2. Hooke’s law
The expression known as Hooke’s law says that a spring stretched or compressed by a distance exerts a force
given by , where is a constant characteristic of the spring called the spring constant. The negative
sign expresses the fact that the force exerted by the spring acts in the direction opposite the direction in which the
displacement has occurred. Also note that the spring exerts a varying force that is proportional to displacement.



PHYS 111N- HW9- Oscillations And Waves-Fluids

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