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Phys 1155 (PHYS 1156) Simple Harmonic Motion Lab Report

Sandra Watson
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Lab 1 – This is a Lab report for a physics experiment on Simple Harmonic Motion


Northeastern University


Lab For Phys 1155 (PHYS 1156)

This experiment had two investigations and the basic idea of the experiment was to study the
oscillations of a glider on an air track, held by a spring on each side and also by adding weights
to the glider which would make our observations of the amplitude, period, frequency and phase
very clear. This experiment makes us explore the simple harmonic motion of a glider that
includes damping forces. In investigation 1, we connect the two springs on the two sides of the
glider and then measure the oscillation to find out the other metrics. The investigation 2 was
similar to the first investigation as we followed the same procedure with the only difference
being that we had to add identical magnets on the glider and as they acted as add on weights
which we used to measure oscillation while damping.
In this experiment, we used a glider which was located on an air track to measure the oscillations
using which we examined the simple harmonic motion of the glider under damping forces. To
conduct this experiment, we had an air track with a glider, two 7.5 cm long springs a computer, 6
ring magnets, PASCO PASPort USB link and a motion sensor. The main aim of the experiment
was to explore the harmonic motion using damping forces. To achieve this aim, the experiment
was divided in two investigations where in the first investigation; we had to measure the
oscillations without any obstructions on the glider except for two springs attached on both ends.
In investigation 2, we had to find the oscillations using some extra weights on the glider.



 Phys 1155 (PHYS 1156) Simple Harmonic Motion Lab Report

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