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(PHYS 215) Simple Pendulum Lab Report

Sandra Watson
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  • UniversityUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • CoursePhysics Laboratory I (PHYS 215)

The purpose of this experiment was to prove that the period of a simple pendulum is
independent of both the mass of the hanging object and the angle of displacement of the
pendulum. We also calculated an experimental value for acceleration due to gravity using the
period of the pendulum.
A simple pendulum apparatus consists of a massed object connected to a massless
string of a certain length. Simple pendulums are tools that demonstrate simple harmonic motion
(if the angle of displacement is less than 30 degrees). When the pendulum is at rest, the
displacement angle is equal to zero degrees. As the mass is released from some angle of
displacement, the string swings back and forth, with gravity working as the restoring force.
The period is the time it takes to complete one full cycle. Therefore, the period of a
simpe pendulum is the time it takes to swing from one side to the other and back again. The
period has units in seconds and is inversely proprortional to the frequency. The following
equation can be used to find the measured period:



(PHYS 215) Simple Pendulum Lab Report


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