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(PHYS 2240 ) Series And Parallel Circuits Lab Report

Sandra Watson
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University of North Texas


Laboratory in Wave Motion, Electricity, Magnetism and Optics (PHYS 2240 )

Physics 2240 10/9/17
Experiment 5
Series and Parallel Circuits
Austin Ciervo
In the experiment, we performed resistor and ammeter calibration, as well as calculated
the equivalent resistances of series and parallel circuits. It was found that through proper
equipment and resistor calibration, we can calculate the measured equivalent resistances
of series and parallel circuits with sufficient precision and accuracy. Although the
measuring devices had some electrical noise and the resistors has some inconsistency, we
were still able to calculate equivalent resistances using Ohm’s Law with very low percent
differences between theoretical Req and measured Req.
The goal of this experiment is to understand series and parallel circuits, calculate their
equivalent resistance, and construct them in the laboratory. There will be four circuits
which the resistance will be theoretically and experimentally calculated. The voltage and
currents of the circuits will be measured to calculate the experimental resistance.
A device which obeys Ohm’s Law generally can be described as a resistor, which has a
resistance R.
Ohm’s Law: V = IR Equation 1
Resistors of two



(PHYS 2240 ) Series And Parallel Circuits Lab Report

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