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Practice Prelicensure (NUR 235) EBP 1 Problem And Siginificance

John Marsh
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Illinois State University

Research For Professional Nursing Practice:Prelicensure (NUR 235)

EBP 1 Problem and Siginificance

Illinois State University, Mennonite College of Nursing
NUR336: Research and Theory for Evidence-based Practice
Assignment 1: Problem and Significance
This is a group assignment and will be done with your EBP team. Turn in a one page, single spaced paper
with your EBP team name and all your team members’ names on it answering the following questions:
1. What is the practice problem? [be sure it is pertinent to nursing practice]
2. Why is this problem important? [What are the bad things that are happening because of this
problem? Higher costs? Longer length of stay? More sick people? People left with consequences
from this problem? Never event? Be specific and detailed]
3. What is the current practice? [How are nurses taking care of this problem currently?]



Practice Prelicensure (NUR 235) EBP 1 Problem And Siginificance

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