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Primary Concepts Of Adult Nursing II (NUR 4110) CH. 49 Endocrine Disorders

John Marsh
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Primary Concepts Of Adult Nursing II (NUR 4110)

CH. 49 Endocrine Disorders

CH. 49 Endocrine Disorders
 The endocrine system affects all aspects of body function including:
o Growth and development
o Energy metabolism
o Muscle and adipose tissue distribution
o Sexual development
o Fluid and electrolyte balance
o Inflammation and immune responses
Endocrine Disorder
 Disturbances of endocrine function can usually be divided into two categories—
hypofunction and hyperfunction.
 Hypofunction
o Congenital Defects
o Gland destroyed by:
 Disruption of blood flow
 Inflammation
 Autoimmune response
 Neoplastic growth
 Hyperfunction
o Associated with excess hormone production
 Excessive stimulation
 Hyperplasia of gland
 Hormone-producing tumor
 Administration of exogenous hormones
Primary / Secondary / Tertiary Disorders
 Primary Disorders in endocrine function originate in the target gland responsible for
producing the hormone.
o For example, total thyroidectomy produces a primary deficiency of thyroid
 Secondary Disorders of endocrine function, the target gland is essentially normal, but
defective levels of stimulating hormones or releasing factors from the pituitary system
alter its function.
o Removal or destruction of the pituitary gland eliminates ACTH stimulation of the
adrenal cortex and brings about a secondary deficiency
 Tertiary Disorder results from hypothalamic dysfunction
General Aspects of Altered Endocrine Function (PPT)
 Processes that disturb the normal function of the endocrine system
o Impaired or uncontrolled synthesis or release of hormones
o Altered interaction between hormones and their target tissues
o Abnormal responses of the target tissues to their hormones
Pituitary and Growth Disorder
 The



Primary Concepts Of Adult Nursing II (NUR 4110) CH. 49 Endocrine Disorders

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