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Principles Bus Comm (BTW 250) UIUC Business Plan Assignment

Sandra Watson
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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Principles Bus Comm (BTW 250)

Executive Summary
The city of Champaign, Illinois has a severe lack of excellence in their nightclubs as well as the amount of
nightclubs. The opportunity is ripe for a new nightclub to take the market by its bootstraps and profit from a gap in
the market. This is where NRG Nightclub comes in. The object of NRG Nightclub is to provide an entertaining,
educational, and excellent dancing, dance class, and dining venue in campus-town Champaign. The establishment
will provide a live entertainment venue, community-based courses in music and the arts, a retail component offering
arts made by students of these classes, and a restaurant, as well as venue rental services for the Champaign area.
NRG Nightclub is in a start-up position, with a beginning date of May, 2018. The purpose of this business
plan is to estimate start-up and ongoing costs; identify revenue streams, and forecast net cash flow and profits. We
expect to rent venue space in April 2018 to setup the place and prepare it. We anticipate opening our doors to the
public right when the summer starts and people want to go out and have a good time – June.
The company CEO is Michael Kenmore. He has some experience managing live entertainment venues in
the Las Vegas and Chicagoland area. He had successfully owned and operated a similar venue for ten years. The
management team is headed by Vlad Wachowski. As both a professional musician and a teacher he is uniquely
qualified to develop an entertainment/education hybrid venue.
The venue is a 705 square foot subdivision of a strip mall on 2901 West Kirby Avenue. The rent will cost
$3.90 per square foot per month which comes out to be 2750 per month. The dance club and bar will accommodate a
maximum of 80 people. The venue will be equipped with state of the art audio and lighting serving the need for a
true entertainment venue in Champaign. The demographics are good, with little to no competition from other dancethemed venues and bars.



Principles Bus Comm (BTW 250) UIUC Business Plan Assignment

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