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Principles Of Organismal Biology (BIO 204) mastering Biology Test 3

Sandra Watson
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San Diego State University

Principles of Organismal Biology (BIO 204)

1. Many cnidarians alternate between the _____ and _____ body plan during their lifecycle

2. In sponges, an osculum is:

3. In a tide pool, a student encounters an organism with a hard outer covering that contains
much calcium carbonate, an open circulatory system, and gills, the organism could
potentially be a crab, a shrimp, a barnacle, or bicycle. The presence of which of the
following structures would allow for the most certain identification of the organism?

4. Basing your inferences on the information in the paragra[h, to which clades should
cycliophorans belong?

5. What is believed to be the most significant result of the evolution of the amniotic egg?

6. All insects

7. Which of the following is a characteristic of all chordates at some point during their life

8. Placing sponges as the basal metazoans on the basis of lack of tissues implies which of
the following?



Principles Of Organismal Biology (BIO 204) mastering Biology Test 3

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