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Professional Nursing 2 (NUR2571) Hypertension Concept Map

Sandra Watson
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Rasmussen College

Professional Nursing 2 (NUR2571)

Subjective: States he has had four dizzy spells
and has awakened with a headache in the
occipital lobe the last two mornings. T.J. has 1
glass of wine at lunch and 2-3 beers in the
evening to relax from the tension of school
and work. Most of his meals are at fast-food
establishments and have a high fat content.
T.J. does not smoke. He used to jog 4
mornings a week but quit when he started
clerking. He has had nocturia for the last 3
weeks. He is not taking any medication. T.J.
states he is concerned about having

12 lead electrocardiogram
Complete blood count
Basic metabolic profile (serum
sodium, potassium, creatinine with
glomerular filtration rate, calcium)
Lipid profile (total cholesterol,
high density lipoprotein cholesterol,
low density
lipoprotein cholesterol,
triglycerides) after 9 to 12 hour
Fasting blood glucose or



Professional Nursing 2 (NUR2571) Hypertension Concept Map

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