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Professional Nursing 2 (NUR2571) questions and answers

John Marsh
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Exam November 10 Spring 2018, questions and answers-a nurse is preparing to suction secretions from the mouth of a patient who has dysphagia

  • UniversityRasmussen College
  • CourseProfessional Nursing 2 (NUR2571)

Feeding tube for Pt. with gastric ileus Nasointestinal tube – would prevent the
digestion of enteral formula in the stomach
2 Pt with laryngectomy Nasogastric tube
3 To determine the length of a nasoenteric
Distance from the tip of nose to the earlobe and
from earlobe to the xiphoid process plus 20-
30cm more.
4 To prevent aspiration during enteral feeding Pt to be on Fowler’s position
5 Pt receiving nasogastric feedings To report persistent coughing – This could
indicate that the end of the tube has moved into
the respiratory tract….risk for aspiration
6 Formula to administer to a pt with a
dysfunctional gastrointestinal tract
Elemental – they contain predigested nutrients
that are easy for a partially functional GI tract to


Professional Nursing 2 (NUR2571) questions and answers

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