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Program Cis Majors (COP 3503) Joshua Fox Uf

Sandra Watson
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  • UniversityUniversity of Florida
  • CourseProgram Cis Majors 2 (COP 3503)

Programming Fundamentals 2
COP 3503
Class Periods: MWF Period 10
Location: CAR 0100
Lab Periods: Tuesdays, Wednesdays depending on section
Locations: CSE E113, E115, E116, E312 depending on section
Academic Term: Fall 2020
Joshua Fox – [email protected]
Phone: 352-294-6650
Office Hours: Wednesday 1pm-4pm, Thursday 1pm-3pm
Office Location: CSE E512
Teaching Assistant/Peer Mentor/Supervised Teaching Student:
Please contact through the Canvas website
Course Description
Credits: 3
Second course of a two-semester introductory sequence for those planning further study in computer science,
digital arts and sciences or computer engineering. Concepts of computer science and the process of computer
programming, including object-oriented programming, procedural and data abstraction and program modularity.
Course Pre-Requisites / Co-Requisites
COP 3502 with a minimum grade of C or an AP exam in computer science with a minimum grade of 4; and MAC
2311 with a minimum grade of C
Course Objectives
 Build and execute C++ programs from command-line and from within an IDE
 Fix problems in an application by utilizing debugging tools and processes
 Utilize testing in the development of software applications
 Read and write data from binary and text files
 Implement classes which adhere to the concepts of object-oriented programming, including abstract and
derived classes
 Explain the necessity of copy constructors, assignment operators, and destructors in classes which utilize
dynamically allocated member variables
 Utilize pointers in the creation of memory-efficient data structures such as linked lists, stacks and queues
 Demonstrate the use of templates to create generic classes
 Demonstrate an ability to solve large programming problems by breaking them into smaller pieces,
particularly class objects
Materials and Supply Fees
Professional Component (ABET):
This course will teach students how to create solutions to computational problems by leveraging the features of a
programming language. The skills learned in this course will be applicable to a variety of programming languages
beyond C++.



Program Cis Majors (COP 3503) Joshua Fox Uf

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