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Project Management Midterm Quiz All Answers

John Marsh
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Question 1
Project management is first and foremost:

Question 2
Acme uses no recognizable project management processes and has entertaining project meetings
because each member has a unique way of reporting progress or lack thereof. Acme is most
likely at the __________ level in the generic project management maturity model.

Question 3
The same project managed in the same fashion may succeed in one organization but fail in
another because __________ .

Question 4
Souder’s project screening criterion that indicates an effective model must reflect organization objectives, including
a firm’s strategic goals and mission is called:

Question 5
Economic conditions are a part of an organization’s:

Question 6
One practical step that should be taken in order for an organization to begin developing a core of project
management professionals is to:

Question 7
Which statement regarding the duties of leaders and managers is best?

Question 8
Individual activities and their durations are developed during the __________ phase of the
project life cycle.

Question 9
A champion that is an engineer, scientist, or similar person who is the driving force behind an idea is termed a(n):

Question 10
Cleland’s project stakeholder management cycle:

Question 11
A normal cost is incurred when:

Question 12
Which statement regarding project selection is best?

Question 13
The temporal context or space to which an individual is oriented is their:

Question 14
The goals of a project are sometimes called __________.

Question 15
Companies that are structured by grouping people performing similar activities into departments

Question 16
Which worker’s wages would constitute a direct cost for a construction project?

Question 17
A good starting point for matching employees to project work would be:

Question 18
The project management pearl of wisdom that declares, “If they know nothing of what you are doing, they assume
you are doing nothing,” means that:

Question 19
A project management office is designed to oversee or improve the management of projects without stripping responsibility from the project manager.

Question 20
The most recent addition to the four criteria of project success is __________ .

Question 21
“A product is introduced into a market, gains the acceptance of a fickle public, and finally is
supplanted by a new and improved offering. This phenomenon is known as the:”

Question 22
Cost estimates that are based as a guideline on real numbers, or figures derived after the completion of preliminary
design work, are:

Question 23
Project managers communicate with __________ .

Question 24
A project screening criterion that allows the company to compare long term versus short term projects, projects with
different technologies, and projects with different commercial objectives is:

Question 25
Estimates based on the assumption that historical data can be used as a frame of reference for
current estimates are:

Question 26
Which of these is NOT an element of emotional intelligence?

Question 27
Which of the following is NOT part of the triple constraint of project success?

Question 28
“In general, product life cycles are becoming __________ and product launch windows are
becoming __________.”

Question 29
Which of the following is accomplished through project management?

Question 30
Gizmo company compares the way they manage projects with the way rival Wazzo company
manages projects. Gizmo company is engaged in __________ .

Question 31
A large sample survey was used to ask a total of 2,615 managers within U.S. corporations what they considered to
be the most important characteristic of effective leaders. The item that ranked #1 with an 83 percent selection rate

Question 32
The project plan is supported by the work breakdown structure (WBS), the _________, and the __________ .

Question 33
Which of the following is a non-traditional role of a project champion?

Question 34
A budget containing disaggregated figures across the schedule when work is planned is a:

Question 35
A project manager may also be the project champion.

Question 36
Effective comparative estimates rely most heavily on:

Question 37
An activity with a learning rate of 0.9 takes 20 hours for the first iteration. How long will it take to complete this task for the 10th time?

Question 38
Which of these is typically a recurring cost?

Question 39
An advantage of top-down budgeting is:

Question 40
A __________ is a temporary endevor undertaken to create a unique new product or service.

Question 41
A writer estimates it will take three months to generate spiffy documents to accompany a seminal work in operations management. He grossly underestimates the time required and misses his deadline by two months. This estimate was:

Question 42
Which of the following is a traditional duty of a project champion?

Question 43
An options model could be used when financial criteria would change significantly over time.

Question 44
Because projects managed under a project portfolio management scheme may be independent of each other, it is not necessary to consider resource use when deciding to pursue any single project.

Question 45
A project typically has _________ .

Question 46
The tip of the pyramid for corporate strategic elements is __________ .

Question 47
Personnel costs comprise one of the highest sources of project expense.

Question 48
“Atkinson suggests that all groups that are affected by a project, otherwise known as __________, should have a hand in assessing project success.”

Question 49
Options models are used to assist in project selection decisions __________

Question 50
“Detailed specifications, schematics, and schedules are all developed during the __________ stage.”

Question 51
The tendency of employees in a functionally organized company to become fixated on their own concerns and work assignments to the exclusion of the needs of other departments is known as:

Question 52
“Strategic management is the science of formulating, implementing, and evaluating __________ decisions.”

Question 53
Once most of the design work is complete, at a point when the scope and capabilities of the project are quite well understood, a __________ may be developed.

Question 54
“The solution to external and internal problems that has worked consistently for a group and that is therefore taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think about, and feel in relation to these problems is known as:”

Question 55
The order of magnitude cost estimate is used when:

Question 56
“The PMO with minimal support to the project manager, ensuring only consistent tracking and monitoring is the:”

Question 57
Motivation ultimately comes from:

Question 58
Which of these is typically a nonrecurring cost?

Question 59
The first step in Block’s framework of the political process as applied to stakeholder management is to:

Question 60
“Projects are the __________ of corporate strategy, because they turn strategy into action.”

Question 61
The Bennis article on competencies that determine a project leader’s success indicates that it is crucial to continually remind the team:

Question 62
A budget that is created by starting with the work breakdown structure (WBS), determining costs for each work package, and then adding these costs together is:

Question 63
Projects are __________-focused.

Question 64
“Lockheed Corporation’s name for a small, autonomous group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation.”

Question 65
A plan that identifies the allocated resources, the project’s goals, and the schedule that allows an organization to achieve those goals is:

Question 66
Which project has the faster Payback Period?

Question 67
The Profile Model plots a graph on a:

Question 68
There are many factors in project selection and screening. A commercial factor might be:

Question 69
A dual hierarchy is the salient feature of a:

Question 70
Which of these duties is more reflective of a leader’s tasks?

Question 71
The Analytical Hierarchy Process is being employed in a project selection decision. One major (first level) criteria, Market Opportunity, receives a weighting value of 40%, which is split into three second level subcriterias: short-term (55%), intermediate-term(35%), and long-term (10%). What is the intermediateterm Market Opportunity?

Question 72
A recent study of new product development projects at a variety of organizations revealed that:

Question 73
Successful project management firms rely on home runs and narrowly concentrated efforts since specialization creates name recognition and market share.

Question 74
Project management entails crossing __________ and __________ boundaries.

Question 75
Which statement about stakeholders is most accurate?

Question 76
The efficient frontier in a profile model is the set of options that offers a maximum return for a given level of risk or a minimum risk for every level of return.

Question 77
A simple scoring model for project evaluation requires:

Question 78
Unplanned costs incurred when steps are taken to speed up project’s completion are called:

Question 79
The most important thing to remember when using project selection models is to be consistent and objective.

Question 80
“A project that results in “”doing the wrong things well”” has ignored the __________ .”



Project Management Midterm Quiz All Answers

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