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(PSYC 1101) Intro To Psychology Final Exam

Sandra Watson
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Intro to Psych Final Exam Practice Test, Fall 2016, questions and answers

  • UniversityUniversity of North Georgia
  • CourseIntro To Psychology (PSYC 1101)

1. Which personality theory emphasizes the interaction between the individual and the
environment in shaping personality?

2. According to Freud’s theory, personality arises in response to conflicts between

3. The ________ classifies people according to Carl Jung’s personality types.

4. Seligman has found that humans and animals who are exposed to aversive events they cannot
escape may develop

5. Research has shown that individuals who are made to feel insecure are subsequently

6. An example of self-serving bias described in the text is the tendency of people to

7. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is a(n)

8. Trait theory attempts to

9. With which of the following statements would a social-cognitive psychologist agree?

10. Which of the following statements about self-esteem is NOT correct?



(PSYC 1101) Intro To Psychology Final Exam

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