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(PSYC 111) Sona Systems Binghamton

Sandra Watson
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PSYC 111 Syllabus – Summary General Psychology


  • UniversityBinghamton University
  • CourseGeneral Psychology (PSYC 111)

Course Expectations:
1. Students are expected to be responsible for their class performance:
a. Students will attend all classes, as attendance is a requirement of this course.
b. Students will attend review sessions and/or office hours as needed to clarify information
from lecture, readings, or other assignments.
c. Students will contact teaching assistant or professor if a problem arises in order to resolve it
before it becomes detrimental to their class performance.
d. Students will complete all assignments, be present for all quizzes/tests, and will attain
appropriate class materials and bring those needed for class regularly. PowerPoints will
NOT be made available on blackboard unless otherwise specified by professor.
e. This course is a 4-credit course, which means that in addition to the scheduled
lectures/discussions, students are expected to do at least 9.5 hours of course-related work
each week during the semester. This includes things like completing assigned readings,
studying for tests and examinations, and other tasks that must be completed to earn credit in
the course.
f. Students requiring special accommodations due to disability will notify this professor
immediately with proper documentation.



(PSYC 111) Sona Systems Binghamton

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