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Psyc 226 exam 1 guide University of South Carolina

James Moore
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PSYC 226
Exam 1 Study Guide: Spring 2020
30 questions – 200 points
27 multiple choice – similar to homework
3 short answer questions
Chapter 1 Terms and Concepts:
Research consumers vs. research producers
 Research Consumers: psychology students, practitioners
o Help to prevent accumulation of bad science
o Need sound training in research methods
 Research producers: grad students, university professors, researchers in various
private and public research institutions
o Interrogate the validity of research claims by evaluating if a study
conforms of the standards of scientific research
o Need sound training in research methods
 (empirical method, empirical research) relies on using evidence from the senses and/or
instruments as basis for conclusions
o Methods should be
 Systematic (planned)
 Rigorous (thorough and accurate)
 Objective (unbiased)
 Verifiable (replicable)
o Ensures valid conclusions

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