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psych (222) Andrew Davis GR

John Marsh
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Helene Fuld College of Nursing

psych (222)

Andrew Davis GR

Mental Health Case: Andrew Davis
Guided Re7lection Questions
Opening Questions
How did the simulated experience of Andrew Davis’ case make you feel?
• The simula>on pertaining to Andrew Davis made me feel empathy for him. He was
experiencing a really tough >me in his life and needed a nonjudgmental person to help
him through.
Talk about what went well in the scenario.
• The therapeu>c communica>ons went well. The pa>ent was recep>ve to the open
ended ques>ons. Also agreeing to take the prescribed medica>on.
Reflec>ng on Andrew Davis’ case, were there any ac>ons you would do differently? If so, what
were these ac>ons and why?



psych (222) Andrew Davis GR

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