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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (NSG323) Chapter 1 practice

John Marsh
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Chapter 1 practice exam questions

Grand Canyon University

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (NSG323)

1. Which outcome, focused on recovery, would be expected in the plan of
care for a patient living in the community and diagnosed with serious and persistent
mental illness? Within 3 months, the patient will:
a. deny suicidal ideation.
b. report a sense of well-being.
c. take medications as prescribed.
d. attend clinic appointments on time.

2. A patient is hospitalized for depression and suicidal ideation after their
spouse asks for a divorce. Select the nurse’s most caring comment.
a. “Let’s discuss some means of coping
other than suicide when you have these
b. “I understand why you’re so depressed.
When I got divorced, I was devastated
c. “You should forget about your marriage
and move on with your life.”
d. “How did you get so depressed that
hospitalization was necessary?”.3. In the shift-change report, an off-going nurse criticizes a patient who
wears heavy makeup. Which comment by the nurse who receives the report best
demonstrates advocacy?
a. “This is a psychiatric hospital. Craziness
is what we are all about.”
b. “Let’s all show acceptance of this patient
b. “Let’s all show acceptance of this patient
by wearing lots of makeup too.”
c. “Your comments are inconsiderate and
inappropriate. Keep the report objective.”
d. “Our patients need our help to learn
behaviors that will help them get along in

4. A nurse assesses a newly admitted patient diagnosed with major
depressive disorder. Which statement is an example of “attending”?
a. “We all have stress in life. Being in a
psychiatric hospital isn’t the end of the
b. “Tell me why you felt you had to be
hospitalized to receive treatment for your
c. “You will feel better after we get some
antidepressant medication started for
d. “I’d like to sit with you a while so you
may feel more comfortable talking with

5. A patient shows the nurse an article from the Internet about a health
problem. Which characteristic of the web site’s address most alerts the nurse that the site
may have biased and prejudiced information?
a. Address ends in “.org.”
b. Address ends in “.com.”
b. Address ends in “.com.”
c. Address ends in “.gov.”
d. Address ends in “.net.”



Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (NSG323) Chapter 1 practice

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