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Public Speaking (COMM 1000 ) Narrative Speech Outline

Sandra Watson
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Narrative Speech Key Word Outline

California State University East Bay

Public Speaking (COMM 1000 )

Narrative Speech Key Word Outline
Attention Getter: Question to audience, developing country?
Reason for your audience to listen: I have, shows trustworthy story from experience.
Introduce your subject and establish credibility: Topic, going to DR with Global Glimpse
(explain purpose).
Preview your main points: Arrived at new school, went on trip with new people, helped myself
with change, changed those we worked with.
Main Body of the Speech
First main idea: Explain Global Glimpse program and mission.
First subpoint I: Honor and privilege to go on trip. I felt not deserving.
Support of subpoint A: Just came to Irvington (new school), did not feel like I
deserved spot on trip.
Second support of subpoint A: Workshops all school year, prepared us for many
aspects necessary to enjoy and benefit from trip.



 Public Speaking (COMM 1000 ) Narrative Speech Outline

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