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Punnett Square Crosses - Biology Module 6

Sandra Watson
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Punnett Square Crosses – Biology Module 6

Experiment 1: Punnett Square Crosses

  1. Set up and complete Punnett squares for these crosses (remember Y = yellow, y = blue):
    1. YY and Yy
    2. YY and yy
  2. Answer these questions:
    1. What are the resulting phenotypes? All yellow
    2. Are there any blue kernels? No
    3. How can you tell whether or not there are blue kernels? This is because Yellow allele dominates and also it still shows up over the blue allele in the heterozygous chromosomes
  3. Set up and complete a Punnett square for a cross of two of the F1 from Step 1 (above).
  4. Answer these questions:
    1. What are the genotypes of the F2 generation?
    2. What are their phenotypes?
    3. Are there more or fewer blue kernels than in the F1 generation?
  5. Identify the four possible gametes produced by the following individuals (S = smooth, s = wrinkled):
    1. YY Ss:
    2. Yy Ss:
    3. Create a Punnett square using these gametes as P1 and determine the genotypes of the F1.

What are the phenotypes? What is the ratio of those phenotypes?

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