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Quantitative Economics (BQE) Formulas For Macroeconomics

Sandra Watson
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Makerere University

Quantitative Economics (BQE)

Formulas for Macroeconomics
Key Formulas in Macroeconomics
1. GDP = C + I + G + Xn: The expenditure approach to measuring GDP
2. GDP = W + I + R + P: The income approach to measuring GDP
3. Calculating nominal GDP: The quantity of various goods produced in a nation times
their current prices, added together.
4. GDP deflator: A price index used to adjust nominal GDP to arrive at real GDP.
Called the ‘deflator’ because nominal GDP will usually over-state the value of a
nation’s output if there has been inflation.

11.Quantity theory of money: MV = PY – a moneterist’s view which explains how
changes in the money supply will affect the price level assuming the velocity of
money and the level of output are fixed.



Quantitative Economics (BQE) Formulas For Macroeconomics

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