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Rhyming and Keywords

John Marsh
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Rhyming and Keywords

Repeating “why to buy” to remember the rules of supply and demand.

Visualizing a game of “tag” to remember the meaning of contagious.

Finding ways to connect ideas in order to learn them better is called

A keywords should be just as confusing as the world you are trying to learn so you learn the concept better.

A benefit of using association is that it allows the learner to be creative and have fun.

In this lesson, to “associate concepts” means to describe their differences.

DaVinci created 24 angels in the sky is an example of the rhyming strategy.

A ______ is a familiar word used to replace an unfamiliar or difficult word or concept.

Picturing a pair of “lips” to remember what an ellipse is

A keyword is used to replace

Forming rhymes and keywords allows for the learner to use

Rhyming means to connect a rhymed phrase or poem with concept to be learned.

A strong example of using keywords would be the word “top ” to remember that topography means the study of the tops and bottoms of mountains and valleys.

The association strategy is used to _____ information.

The association strategy is used to help memorized information.

A strong example of using keywords would be

Shea wanted to memorize the year that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. A good rhyme for her to learn would be

Remembering that a military Captain wears a “Cap”

Saying “in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue”

A keyword is used to replace

In this lesson, connecting a rhymed phrases or poem with a concept to be learned is called

FACE for the notes on a musical scale is an example of

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