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Role, Scope, Quality, And Leadership Practice Exam 2

John Marsh
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1. A laboring client has given her nurse a “birth plan” with which the nurse does not agree.
However, the nurse wants to adhere the recommendations of the Quality, Safety, and
Education for nurses (QSEN) competencies. According to QSEN, what should she do?

2. The nurse overhears the client on the telephone, saying he is being discharged but that
he does not feel ready to go home. What is the priority action of the nurse?

3. A nurse is preparing to administer a prescribed medication to a client. In which of the
following ways can the nurse demonstrate advocacy for the client’s rights?

4. What is “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and
understand basic health information?”

5. The Joint Commission has put together a group of National Patient Safety Goals to
protect clients and improve care. Which are included in these goals? (SATA)

6. On a busy night, the supervisor of the Emergency Department finds herself short two
staff nurses. She requests help from another floor, and they send her an LPN. Which
assignment to the LPN violates the standards of safe delegation?

7. A nurse is caring for a client who has brought her colicky baby to the outpatient clinic.
The nurse does not understand why the client smiles, but does not look at the printed
materials that the nurse is handing her, saying “I don’t need that.” The nurse knows the
information has been written at a 7th grade reading level. What issue is the nurse failing
to recognize?

8. A nurse is caring for a client with a new diagnosis of diabetes. Which of the following is
the best guarantee that the patient’s priority needs are met?

9. A client tells the nurse she is afraid to immunize her baby because she heard that
vaccines cause autism. The nurse tells her she will research it and does so, using
‘autism” and “immunizations” as key words. She prints the page and gives it to the
mother, who becomes very upset, saying “That’s what I thought!” What incorrect action
did the nurse take?

10. A nurse is discussing health care disparities at a County Commissioner’s meeting. She
tells the Board that problems with accessing care may not be based upon which of the
following issues? (SATA)

11. The outpatient clinical nurse is evaluating a client’s food diary and subsequent weight
loss. Which statement by the nurse indicates the nurse is using Reward Power?

12. A graduate nurse wants to feel important and engaged in the decision-making process
for the unit. What can new nurses do to meet this goal? (SATA)

13. One major aims of Crossing the Quality Chasm addressed client- centered care. Which of
the following is an implication for Nursing?

14. An experienced nurse is not happy about the new infusion pumps on the unit. The nurse
refuses to attend in-service trainings and uses the old pumps until they eventually are
phased out. Which personality type is the nurse exhibiting?

15. Which of the following are the primary goals of competent nursing? (SATA)

16. The nurse is caring for a client who practices vegetarianism. How should the nurse best
advocate for the client’s dietary needs?

17. A nurse manager is preparing to conduct a quantitative research study on the rate of
falls in the unit. In order to be certain, the research is based upon patient centered
outcomes, what does the nurse need to know?

18. A nurse is teaching a client about a new diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. The nurse says,
“Your hyperglycemia is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism caused by an
insufficiencies of your pancreas to secrete the proper amounts of insulin.” The client
appears confused. What does the nurse need to do to improve the clients

19. A nurse was hospitalized for abdominal pain at the medical center where she was
employed. One week later, the nurse manager asks a charge nurse what the final
diagnosis was. Which of the following is the most appropriate response on the part of
the charge nurse?

20. The nurse is assigned to care for four patients in the ER. Which of the following patients
should the nurse see first?

21. A graduate nurse is applying for a position at several health care agencies. The nurse
wants to work for a government sponsored agency. To which hospital should the nurse

22. A nurse manager tells two RNs on her unit that she is impressed with their critical
thinking skills. She tells them of a new Leadership Development course and that they
would be excellent candidates for this training. What management style is the nurse
manager using?

23. A nurse attended a conference on an exciting new policy for preventing CatheterAssociated Tract Infections (CAUTI). When changing the policy, the nurse made modifications to CAUTI prevention be more appropriate for the unit. Which stage of Rogers’ Diffusion Theory did the nurse use?

24. A nurse relocates from a rural community to an urban neighborhood. She notices a 24-
hour gym, 2 day spas, and an organic grocery store within walking distance from her
new home. To what social factor does the nurse attribute this?

25. A nurse is participating in a management course. For the class, she has to attend a State
legislative session regarding the new role of patient care technicians. Why would nurses
be involved in shaping public policy?

26. A new nurse is overheard by her preceptor saying she cannot get involved in health care
policy because it goes against her nature as a compassionate caregiver. What should the
preceptor tell her?

27. A nurse is working in an outpatient clinic with a new physician who is eager to recruit
clients into a research study. The physician tells the nurse to have each client sign the
consent form with every new admission to the clinic’s services. The nurse refuses to do
so, saying it violates ANA code of Ethics. Which principle is being violated?

28. A nurse asks her nurse-manager why she should be using Evidence Based Practice. What
is the best response of the manager?

29. The nurse is preparing a client for an invasive surgical procedure. What is the nurse’s
legal responsibility regarding consent?

30. The nurse is providing palliative care for a client in a long-term care facility. Which of the
following actions is an example of patient advocacy?

31. Individual nurses may apply research findings to their own practice. In which activities
may the registered nurse participate? SATA

32. Healthcare professionals need to use EBP in the midst of an ever-expanding scientific
knowledge base. According to the institute of medicine (IOM), all nurses need to be
educated in EBP and should be able to do which of the following? SATA

33. An experienced nurse wants to become more active in politics. What actions can the
nurse take? SATA

34. A new public health nurse is writing a paper for her baccalaureate class. She asks her
preceptor to review it. Which statement in the paper is incorrect and needs revision?

35. A nurse is caring for a client who was injured while visiting from a foreign country. The
nurse understands that their language difference may cause what issue?

36. A nurse is serving on a community task force that has a particular focus of providing better internet services to the rural areas of the county. What will closing the digital divide do for the rural clients?

37. A nurse is caring for a client who is 24 hours post op following a hysterectomy. The client is tolerating clear liquids but is requesting solid food. What should the nurse do to practice advocacy for the client?

38. The nurse is caring for a post-operative surgical client with a history of drug addiction. Which of the following must the nurse consider in planning care? (SATA)

39. A nurse is writing an essay on transcultural nursing for her graduate degree. Which fact
should she be sure to include?

40. A 9 year old client with acute lymphoblastic leukemia has experienced three relapses in the past 2 years. The health care provider has prescribed experimental chemotherapy. While preparing to begin the medication, the parents tell the nurse they do not want to continue treatment, and that they want to take their son home. The child also says he wants to go home. Which is the nurse’s priority action?

41. To encourage patient’s engagement in the patient centered care process, the nurse should use communication that reflects patient’s needs. Which statement would not be helpful in that goal?

42. The nurse observes the Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) taking a manual blood pressure. Which action by the staff member would require the nurse to intervene?

43. A nurse is working with teen parents in a school based clinical. The nurse would like to learn more about bonding practices between teenaged mothers and their babies. What should be the nurse’s first step in the process of research?

44. A graduate nurse is finishing his assigned time with a preceptor. The preceptor quizzes the graduate nurse and asks what he knows about evidence based practice. Which statement by the graduate nurse needs correction?

45. A chief nursing officer (CNO) asks a new nurse manager why he does not want to use governance on his new unit. Which reply by the new nurse manager needs correction?

46. A nurse plans to obtain a multi-state compact license in order to travel. Where should the nurse turn for information on scope of practice?

47. A nurse in a not for profit community health center wants to research the best ways to prevent MRSA in his community. How best can this nurse conduct the research needed to develop an evidence based nursing policy on teaching about MRSA?

48. The nurse is explaining a treatment to a client who turns his head and tells her he does not want to know anything. The nurse understands that is normal. Which known dimension of client centered care is the nurse following?

49. Nurses act as advocates for their communities through efforts to change health care systems and improve quality of life. What can the nurses do to advocate for their own communities?

50. Place in order the following steps of the clinical judgment model



Role, Scope, Quality, And Leadership (NUR 2868) Practice Exam 2

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