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Snurfle Meiosis Answers Key Pdf Download

John Marsh
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Snurfle Meiosis Answer Key Pdf Download 

snurfle meiosis and genetics answer key


When does Interphase occur?

What occurs during Interphase?

_____ are made during Meiosis. List examples.

Uncoiled Stringy DNA

How many pieces of chromatin do human cells have?

Where does your DNA come from?

DNA has _____ that determine the trait of an organism.

Different forms of a gene are called _____.

_____ is when DNA copies itself during _____.

Meiosis occurs in _____ divisions; Meiosis _____ and Meiosis _____.

What are the phases of Meiosis I?

What are the phases of Meiosis II?

During Prophase I, the chromosomes _____ and become _____.

Chromosomes that are the same size and have the same genes are called _____ _____.

Each half of a replicated chromosome is called a _____ _____.

Sister chromatids are _____.

The nucleus _____ during Prophase.

Homologous chromosomes pair up during Prophase I to form a _____.

What happens during crossing over?

During Metaphase I, the tetrads line up in the _____ of the cell.

The homologous chromosomes split up and move toward the opposite ends of the cell during _____.

_____ independent cells begin to form during _____.

_____ is the division of the cytoplasm to make two new cells.

The two new cells that are formed from Meiosis I are _____ because they contain half of the chromosomes of the original cell that started Meiosis.

At the start of Meiosis I, you had 1 _____ cell.

Meiosis II must take place because each of our new cells still has too much _____.

The nucleus _____ during Prophase II.

In Metaphase II, the chromosomes line up single file down the _____ of the cell.

In _____, the sister chromatids split up.

In Telophase II, _____ _____ daughter cells called _____ are being formed.

_____ occurs at the same time as Telophase II.

At the end of Meiosis II, you have made _____ _____ gametes (sex cells).

If the gametes are produced by a female, they are called _____ or _____.

If the gametes are produced by a male, they are called _____.

What process in cells undergoing Meiosis increases genetic diversity?

How many cells are produced by Meiosis?

How many varieties of gametes are produced by meiosis without crossing over?

What do you call two genes that are often inherited together?

What exchanged DNA during crossing over?

How many cells are produced by Meiosis in cells that do crossing over?

How many varieties of gametes are produced by Meiosis with crossing over?

What is another term for the chromosomes that result from crossing over?

Does crossing over occur for every chromosome every time gametes are produced?

When does Independent Assortment occur?

What is the term for a fertilized egg?

Each newly formed cell will form a _____ around the chromosomes.

The chromosomes _____ to form _____.

The way each chromosome lines up during Metaphase I is _____.

The alignment of the top pair of chromosomes _____ affect the alignment of the bottom pair.

How many different combinations are possible in the first part of Meiosis because of Independent Assortment?

What separates during Anaphase II?

How does Independent Assortment affect genetic diversity?

What are the two types of gametes?

What process occurs when the sperm and egg combine?

For human being, there are _____ of possible sperm and _____ of possible eggs which can be produced which results in _____ of possible genetic combinations.

A genetic cross that looks at two traits is a _____ cross.

What goes inside the boxes of a Punnet Square?

How many gene combinations are possible in gamete production for a dihybrid cross? Why?


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