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Statistical Methods (STA 205) NKU Imath

Sandra Watson
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NKU Imath Assessment 4

  • UniversityNorthern Kentucky University
  • CourseIntroduction To Statistical Methods (STA 205)

Throwback question: In pharmacologic research a variety of clinical chemistry measurements are routinely
monitored closely for evidence of side effects of the medication under study. Suppose typical bloodglucose
levels are normally distributed with mean 99.06 mg/dl and standard deviation 23.42 mg/dl. (Note: Round all
of your answers to four decimal places where appropriate.)
a. We would expect the blood glucose levels to fall between and in 68% of patients.
b. A normal glucose range is 65 120
mg/dl. What is the probability a patient’s blood glucose level falls
between these two values?
z1 =
z2 =
probability =
c. What is the probability that a patient’s blood glucose level is greater than 166 mg/dl?
z =
probability =
d. If a blood glucose level is in the



Statistical Methods (STA 205) NKU Imath

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