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Storia Medievale (Ciao) Jason Genova Essay

Sandra Watson
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Union University

Storia medievale (Ciao)

Jason Genova, the piss lord.
Jason is a YouTube famous member of the Delray Misfits. A group of weirdos
who work out at World Gym in Delray, Florida.
Jason hangs out with the other Misfits and performs periodic ego lifts with bad
form. He also competes every now and then in local bodybuilding shows where
he has yet to diet down to a respectable level. Although Jason has some decent
genetics for strength, he completely lacks discipline.
Genova is known for calling an “order 66” on anybody he doesn’t like. This
basically means he’s asking his troll army to harass somebody Jason doesn’t
like. Most famously he did this to Rich Piana – the attacks on social toward Rich
and his girlfriend were intense and even included some website hacks on Rich’s
supplement site.
When Rich confronted Jason at a fitness expo, he asked him to slap box and
then proceeded to slap the piss out of the piss lord…the video is like watching a
gorilla tear apart a toy doll. Possibly a toy doll with Asperger’s syndrome.
Jason clearly has some mental deficiencies but he continues in his quest to
become rich and famous through social media. He either suffers from delusions
of grandeur or he is legitimately mentally unstable. The fact that his
intellectually normal friends seem to get a thrill out of trolling Jason is a little
concerning, as the kid clearly has issues.
In summer 2009, a chubby boy named Jason Genova uploads a video to
YouTube called My Storie Part 1 where he proclaims his desire to become a pro
bodybuilder. There seems to be something “off” about this young man, but
nobody can quite put their finger on what. It’s never explained why he calls
himself “Jason Giovanni” in this video. His delusions and penchant for
outrageous and unintentionally hilarious quotes make his videos a cult comedy
hit. He and his crew (Jonas, Joey Joe Joe and Angel J) continue to upload My
Story videos, Jason starts calling out pro bodybuilders, and going on impromptu
rants against his “haters”. The first major event that propels Jason to fame is
when he calls out bodybuilder Mark Alvisi, earning him attention from PJ
Braun, Aaron Singerman, Ron Harris, and Layne Norton. At this time, Genova
is somewhat well known on bodybuilding.com’s Misc forum but is pretty much
unknown everywhere else. (My Storie Part 1)



Storia Medievale (Ciao) Jason Genova Essay

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