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Strategic Management (BM-490) Netflix Case Study

Sandra Watson
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Monmouth University


strategic management (BM-490)

BM 490
Netflix Case Study
Brophy, Netflix 1
Netflix’s objective is to grow its streaming subscription business, content, and to improve the
customers’ experience. Its main goal is to be the best global entertainment distribution service.
Customer Scenario
Netflix’s services are being sold internationally to Netflix’s global market. This includes both
males and females between the ages of 18 and 39. Most of this market’s family income is
greater than $100,000 per year, and about half of the target market has young children.
Nucleus of Control
The CEO, Co-founder, and chairman of Netflix is Reed Hastings. His strategy for Netflix is a
growth strategy with an entrepreneurial stance. Netflix is trying to expand globally, rather than
just focusing on remaining stable. When Netflix was first founded in 1997, it was a risky
business, because the internet was still relatively young, and the idea of renting movies online
was unheard of.



Strategic Management (BM-490) Netflix Case Study


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