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Swift River Chamberlain University Medical Surgical 1 (MEDSRG101)

James Moore
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Carlos Mancia Room 301 spanish only

Carlos Mancia, 48yr-old, Spanish speaking migrant worker with no known past medical Hx. r/o Tuberculosis.
Vital signs -Temp 99.1, BP 124/62, P 77, RR 20, SaO2 91%. Airborne Isolation. Neuro WNL. Skin moist,
respiratory bilateral wheezes and rhonchi. Blood-tinged mucous, productive cough. Diet as tolerated.
61178. Dr. Rondeau

John Duncan Room 302

John Duncan, 56yr-old male, Dx- Gastroenteritis, returned yesterday from Cancun, c/o intractable diarrhea,
weak, pale, and refusing to eat. No known allergies (NKA). Non-significant past medical Hx. Lomotil
10ml PRN q 4 hours last dose at 0834.

Richard Dominec Room 303

Richard Dominec, A 47-year-old married father of three children has been admitted for an emergent
appendectomy in the
AIDS but is asymptomatic at this time.

Mr. Dominec has a male partner and has been married for the past ten
years and share their three children to the marriage.

Swift River Chamberlain University Medical Surgical 1 (MEDSRG101)

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